Friday, January 16, 2009


As always, we appreciate your comments. Enjoy!


French Kicks - Said So What
Peter, Bjorn & John - Amsterdam
Animal Collective - My Girls
The Walkmen - Wake Up
The Von Bondies - C'mon C'mon
Petula Clark - Downtown (German Version)


For the article on Vaughn's city council and developers:

For our friend Ryan's radio show over at Western:
(and not "two guys, one blog", as Tyler erroneously called it)

If you're interested in reading the F Scott Fitzgerald short story The Curious Case of Benjamin Button:


Kay said...

YAY TW and Alissa (spelling?)!
Well, I finally figured out how to play the file, so I caught up on your marvelous pocast. Hooray!
By the way, the Bob Dylan movie you were referencing during your review of "The Curious Case of Benjamin Buttton" is called "I'm Not There". And it is a truly amazing film, but dense, dense, dense.
In any case,...
I liked the diversity of the topics, and as someone who knows next to nothing about Urban Planning, I found your discussions enlightening, accessible and engaging. Well played, Sirs.
I also find it incredibly humorous that although the entire song is in German, they feel the need to still say "Downtown!" in English.
If I may make a request for a song?
(It must be all this talk about urban planning!)
Ghost Town by The Specials

Will tune in next week!


Brutus said...

Really appreciated your insights on the Smart cards, and the common practices of developers in greasing palms. You both had some excellent points on those subjects. As a resident of Vaughan I am becoming increasingly concerned about green space. Our golf course will cease to exist beyond next summer. It is destined for residential development.

Nevertheless, Petula Clark singing in German stole the show!

Yet another musical request from my eclectic collection of oldies...Danny Kirwan of Fleetwood Mac with the instrumental "Sunny Side of Heaven"

Looking forward to next week's episode!

Brutus of Kleinburg/Vaughan