Friday, March 13, 2009


Friday the 13th...of March that is. Can you believe we're already up to episode eight?
Keep your comments and requests coming!

The Crystals - Da Doo Run Run
Del Shannon - Runaway
The Beach Boys - Help Me Rhonda
MGMT - Electric Feel
Florence and the Machine - Kiss With A Fist

Daily Show - John Stewart vs. Jim Cramer
Jesus Sightings
Grilled Cheese Virgin Mary Tattoo
This Hour Has 22 Minutes & Dalton McGuinty Article; Video Clip
'For The Love of Vinyl': The Album Art of Hipgnosis - Photo gallery


Alice said...

And finally tonight...

Brutus said...

Thanks ASRS for playing Electric Feel by MGMT - catchy number!

Really enjoyed your analysis of the Stewart/Cramer one-sided debate. Some of these guys have no scruples whatsoever.

If I ever need clarification as to what in blazes is going on in Lost, I listen to your show. Great insights and brazen predictions!

I always enjoy your theme song, Have you ever identified the artists on the blogsite. Who sings Tell Me Why - I don't Know. I don't know!

Nice to put a face with a name. The photos really capture your fun-loving personalities!

Keep up the wonderful work!

All the best from Brutus