Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Please note that this week's episode was recorded on Wednesday, before Natasha Richardson's death was confirmed.

Prints - Easy Magic
Stereo Total - Liebe zu Dritt
Radiohead - Nice Dream
Camera Obscura - I Don't Do Crowds
The Beach Boys - When I Grow Up To Be A Man

Natasha Richardson
Unfortunate Deaths in Muskoka
The Pope and condoms
Gary Goodyear and evolution
Conservative Party's hand in student politics
Creationist Museum
The Office article
Being Erica
Pretty White Kids With Problems


Alice said...

Once again I'm astounded by our expert knowledge of current events.

Brutus said...

Wonderfully diverse collection of topics covered in Episode 9. I learn something new every week.

Since you both appreciate segues, and Ms. Golden likes the show Being Erica, have Tyler fill you in on the connection between Michael Riley, who stars in the show, and Tyler's brother.

In response to your challenge, here are seven star anglophone Canadians who I would like to see on a TV program together (my power panel): Stephen Lewis, Randy Bachman, Peter Mansbridge, Margaret Attwood, Rick Hansen, Elijah Harper, and Roberta Bondar.

Looking forward to Episode X.

mary said...

Hi guys,

I am really enjoying the music and conversation.

In connection with the lost blonds getting on the front page: Along the same lines, how many people (probably not too many blonds) in the world starved to death the day of 9/11? This, of course, in no way diminishes the New York City tragedy.

Tortoiseshell- not blonde- Chellie