Friday, March 27, 2009


Big number ten! Thanks to all those who have listened so far. Hope you enjoy this latest instalment.

The Grates - Silence is Golden
Los Campesinos! - It All Started with a Mixx
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Soft Shock
Metric - Sick Muse
Metric - Gold Guns Girls
Friends of Distinction - Grazing in the Grass

Natasha Richardson
Tyler's Plains of Abraham discussion
Kingston Transit
Taser Death
Man Tracker


Michael said...

~~~~Sendin Positive Feedback~~~~
Great show guys! And Alissa, the movie was The Running Man. Coincidentally, seeing that movie was when I knew Arnold would be an awesome politician...

Alice said...

Ha! Thanks Mike!
Also, a little A.S. tidbit - try to listen the show with a program that will show you the pics that we add in post-production...such as the poster for The Running Man, which I looked up after we finished recording. I knew it had something to do with running!

Tyler said...

And might I add, check to see if Alice makes any mistakes naming the songs she's chosen. Hint, hint...

Alice said...

Now, now, if it weren't for me incorrectly calling the song "Silence is Golden" instead of 'science', then you wouldn't have been able to make that hilariously/awkward remark.

So really, you owe me.

Brutus said...

Number Ten rates a "10". Bravo. Really enjoyed the conversations (and especially the witty repartee)!

A question about Ethan in LOST. I thought he was from Ontario? What's that all about?

Thanks for introducing some new music to the listeners. Still have a special appreciation for Friends of Distinction, especially their other hit "Peaceful".
Looking forward to next week's show.
Mahalo from Brutie