Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Baker's Dozen!

Elbow - Grounds for Divorce
The Bees - Go Karts
The Dears - Warm and Sunny Days
The Beta Band - Dry the Rain
Fleetwood Mac - Sunny Side of Heaven
The Lovin' Spoonful - Summer in the City

S&R Discount
Segway & GM
Afghan Law Update
Wendy & Lucy
The 902


Teresa said...

riddle intro:
growing up, every sunday afternoon my paternal grandfather would come to our house for supper and bring with him one bag of gummy bears and one bag of smarties for us four kids to share. he'd also come with a new riddle for us every week and would NEVER tell us the answer. once the alzheimer's settled in, he'd come with the SAME riddle every week (and repeat it at least five times per visit), and then be shocked that we knew the answer so easily (teehee!).

so for you, here's the only one i can remember out of 20 years of riddle-filled sundays:

knitty, knotty,
two heads and one body.
what am i?

Brutus said...

The hour just flew by. Congratulations, the blog has now celebrated as many episodes as Fawlty Towers!

Thanks to Alissa for playing the dedication to Dr. Stewart! And you got the original version of the piece from 1972. It featured a very young Danny Kirwan who wrote the music and played the lead guitar. It was the pre-Nicks/Buckingham edition of Fleetwood Mac from the Bare Trees album.

Tyler's ancestor who travelled around the world on a ship at the end of the 19th century was his great, great grandmother Evans. While on a honeymoon voyage with her husband, Captain Thompson, he succumbed to dropsy, dying somewhere in the mid-Atlantic. The ship sailed on, all the way to Japan. They had to extinguish all lights on board north of Australia due to tribes of cannibals in the region.
Some honeymoon!

The book that Mile's father was reading him had a title referencing Polar Bears!

Looking forward to next week and edition 14 of ASR.


Michael said...

I will definitely second Brutus' comment, great show! I'm sure you both know by now but the return of Tyler's impressions has made me a happy man.

I completely agree with your discussion about GM. I saw that prototype and it looks rediculous... I don't personally see myself driving around in a Smart Car but there is obviously some market for it. I just think that maybe GM is overcompensating for the fact that spent so many years pushing cars like the Hummer and the Suburban (which is a hilarious and almost too fitting a name for this behemoth)that they need to go with something on the completely opposite end of impracticality.
Very cool stories of Tyler's family, enjoyed that.
Lastly, I'm thinkin maybe a little french music for us Quebecois. I've been listening to 8 Secondes by Les Cowboys Fringants lately. Lyrics seem pretty fitting as planners and human beings. If you need the song, I have it and can easily pass it on to you guys.

And to Teresa, I'll venture a guess... A knot?

Alice said...

I WILL figure out that riddle Teresa....without searching on the Internet.

Nice catch on the book title Brutus!

And Michael, keep your ears open for some French music!