Friday, May 22, 2009


Episode Eighteen! Not a girl, not yet a women. But now legal to drink in Quebec!

Portishead - Strangers
The Blow - Babay (Eat a Critter, Feel its Wrath)
Spoon - My Little Japanese Cigarette Case
Radiohead - Jigsaw Falling Into Place
Michael Jackson - Ben
Led Zeppelin - Rain Song

Teresa's reference to the Sweet Basil Building
Montreal's Seville Theatre
Gay Rights Protest in Moscow Ends Violently
New American Fuel Efficiency Standards
Woman fined for refusing to hold onto handrail


Brutus said...

It just keeps getting better week after week.

Thank you, Alissa, for addressing the subject of urban safety. I also appreciated that you both discussed the topic of new energy-conserving surfaces for buildings. There actually exists an international Buildings Re-skinning Competition!

As mentioned last week, Toronto seems to be fixated on city planning issues lately. New streetcars were announced last month. Just today on the radio, the CBC interviewed a Doctor Ellard from the University of Waterloo on the "walkability of cities". Paris rated extremely highly; Toronto not nearly as well. Green space appears to be a key for scoring well when measuring "walkability".

I am on the road Fridays and Sundays, so I tend to listen to Awkward Silences on either Monday or Tuesday evenings while I eat supper. Not once have I gotten indigestion! I do indeed check some of your links that you post on the site. I also enjoy the comments from your other groupies, and had the pleasure of meeting Michael this past week.

Finally, Michael Jackson was not serenading a bear named Ben, nor Ben Linus for that matter. It was a rat!!! (no joke)

Have a great week.


Alice said...

Thanks for your continued support and comments Brutus. They are much appreciated!

The field of heritage planning and historic conservation is something that is rather new to me, but my passion for it has grown exponentially. I hope Tyler and I will get to delve deeper into the topic of "demolition by neglect" and the roles of municipal, provincial and federal governments! Ouuuu, doesn't that sound fun?

Also, stay tuned for future discussions of 'walkability' and sustainable neighbourhood movements!

Michael said...

Sorry I'm late but my boss had me working overtime all week!

I was happy to see that as the show matures to womanhood she is still retains the quality of showmanship that I expect (this is generally pretty high...)

To summarize my feelings on the show...concerning the new fuel efficiency standards I have to wonder why we (Canada) can't ever get things done ourselves! By that I mean, why do we always have to wait for the US to do something before we make the big changes. I guess I do understand to some degree, not wanting to offend or threaten the obviously super important relationship we have with the Americans. I guess, for me, it's part of the problem for Canadians not being able to easily define what it means to be Canadian as we are so closely related to the Americans, so much so that the answer to the question of what it means to be Canadian is usually just "not american".

Completely agree with your sentiments about that BS in's ridiculous that we still are wasting our energy and time on so much hate. And yes, we are lucky to be born in a country like Canada, there are too many of us who given the wrong time and place would have a very different life and for the most part have been saved from some really awful things!

I also have quite a bit to say about the laval lady but I think I'll just focus on the issue of our relationship with police in general. I remember reading an article a couple years ago of a cop in Montreal who was retiring and the big thing about it was that he was one of the last cops who 'walked the beat'. There is a great disconnect from communities across the country and the men and women who are there to serve and protect. I truly believe tha if there were more officers on the street interacting with the store owners, the ppl walkin by, the ppl on the street there would just be a greater understanding between the two groups and a mutual respect that would avoid situations such as this Laval issue b/c it seemed like both groups did not have much respect for each other, hence the talking back and subsequent arrest.

Ok, not much of a summary but anyway... Brutus, it was a pleasure meeting you too! It's always great to meet ppl's parents and understand a bit better how friends' (in this case Tyler) history and where they came from.

As for where I listen to Awkward Silences, I believe it is no secret that every week I light up the incense, the collection of candles and fix me a nice warm bath and just let the stress melt away with the soothing sound that is Awkward Silences! I see no issue in having to wait an extra couple of days to let the stress melt....

Until next time!