Sunday, May 31, 2009


Enjoy the first in our Summer Sunday Series!

Broken Social Scene - Stars and Sons
The Bees - Got To Let Go
Vampire Weekend - Boston
Animal Collective - Fireworks
Dntel - Roll On
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Am I Only

Nuclear Holocaust
Susan Boyle
Jay Leno
Heritage Conference


Brutus said...

Lots going on in terms of heritage conservation and preservation. I am curious how they deal with these same issues in "older" countries like Italy, China, etc. Are they protecting their antique structures in some formal way?

Like your take on Monty Python - appalling!

Looking forward to edition XX.

Michael said...

hmmm... nuclear holocaust you say??? Should I start covering all of my belongings in tin foil? does that help? No, but's a bit messed up. It's also kind of difficult to really know what's going on in these countries where pretty much everything is made to look bigger and better than it really is. It's hard to say what their capabilities really are. It's a similar story in Iran and if I'm remembering correctly, just last year (?) they had tested three rockets of nuclear capabilities. Of course it was later determined that there was only one rocket and the other two were edited or photoshopped in or something. These countries often have to just flex their muscle every now and then to show the world and their ppl that they are still relevant and are 'world powers'.

Concerning Mr. Leno and O'brien, I am very curious to see how Conan's show goes b/c one of the thigns that was so great about him was that he was so crude and appealing to a much younger demographic than Leno (ie the masturbating bear). So, I just wonder what he'll be if he's toned down and all.

Finally, just wanna say that I completely agreed with what Alissa said about the conference. I'm sure she could've gone on for another 45 min. Overall, it was a pleasant experince, though there were some let downs...

Alrighty, a bientot!