Thursday, May 14, 2009


Recorded on location in Montreal (and Kingston).

Diana Ross & the Supremes - Reflections
Marvin Gay & Tammi Terrell - Ain't Nothing Like the Real Thing
Lissy Trullie - Boy Boy
Those Dancing Days - Home Sweet Home
Tegan and Sara - Monday Monday Monday
Peter, Bjorn & John - Objects of My Affection

Mother Lover
Hamilton's Fuller House History...& Demolition


Teresa said...

interesting thoughts on faceting... Halifax has a lot of that and I've never really thought of the inside of the building being as close to important as the outside, especially when owners of should-be historic buildings jump through loopholes and tear beautiful old buildings down like here:
in Halifax's downtown (lower water street). If they had kept the face, I'm sure there would have been very little to no public disdain for the owners. you can also see some faceting in some of my pictures from my holiday album on facebook if interested. I wonder... if an owner keeps the inside and changes the outside, should it still be deemed historic..?

in terms of songs with sirens, my favorite = fancy footwork by chromeo, check it out :)

good show lady and gentleman!

Michael said...

Interesting show, guys! I would say that that was at least 60% more lost but I am no mathematician...

The concept of Facadism was a really great topic, I especially like it if the retained facade can speak to the original function of the building, at least then future generations can have some understanding of its history. The project that comes to my mind is a montreal project (duh...) where they are in the midst of trying to redevelop St. Catherines West, near the old Forum. There is an old theater, i can't remember the name, that has been designated but was left to completely rot away over the last two decades. They now say that even the facade is unsalvageable so the new designs are all aiming to reinterpret the original facade and have cues that it was once a grand theater. Anyway, I think it's an interesting idea and looking at ways to move forward but still remember our past.

ALong with that last discussion, the topic of preserving working class housing or more 'common' lifestyles is really important. I think it's fairly easy to explain to someone why a church or a grand city hall might be designated but it is far more difficult to explain why a seemingly standard, no frills, townhouse might be important. I think that's something that should be touched upon a lot more... Think about the future, in 200 years we might want those citizens to know that the majority of us lived in pretty standard housing, apartments, took the bus walked to the local park, etc. I think this'll be one of things that I really try to take out of this HPI thing that Alissa and I are working on.

Well, good stuff and Tyler, lookin good! Alissa showed me a picture and I have to say, I think you would fit nicely in with the Beatles (in a good way!).

Brutus said...

Good evening Lissie and T:

I must be reaching the age of senility as your most recent discussions in Episode 17 highlighted characters on LOST whose names I did not recognize at all. That show has a larger cast than the epic, "Ben Hur". What else can possibly happen? Perhaps Mr. Eko and Boone will return for a cameo in which they start "The Island" conga line!!

And addressing the subject of senility, over the past 17 episodes did you ever address the subject of skinning buildings? I can't recall. Whatever the case, almost every week on CBC radio in Toronto the hosts and select guests are talking about this latest trend. Older buildings are getting facelifts, not so much for aesthetic appeal, but for the energy conserving qualities of the new coverings. Supposedly Canadians are leaders in this field.

Finally, does the field of urban planning address such concerns as public safety? Does the concept of "neighbourhood watch" fall within this domain? I am raising this matter in light of the tragic death of that little girl from Woodstock, and the arrest today of two suspects. Extremely distressing. What can be done to better protect our citizens in towns and cities? People often claim that they do not like their privacy being invaded by security cameras. At times like this I think that Big Brother is better than no brother at all.

Food for thought.

Chellie and I are looking forward to # 18 at week's end.

All the best,