Friday, May 8, 2009


With Special Guest Michael (#1 Fan) Szilagyi. Enjoy.

Lykke Li - Breaking It Up
Enon - Monsoon
Dead Kennedys - Too Drunk To Fuck
Nouvelle Vague - Too Drunk To Fuck
Kevin Drew - Safety Bricks
Billy Bragg - A New England

Facial Hair - Beard Chart
KFC Potholes - Montreal Article
The Agenda - Sharing the Road; (Steve Paikin's early work...)
Sesame Street - Down Below the Street
How Potholes Form...
Historic Places Initiative; Register of Canada's Historic Places
History Detectives
Kingston Sustainability Centre


Alice said...

So, last night I got fed up and played 20 Questions with Teresa to figure out the answer to her riddle:

Knitty, knotty,
two heads and one body.
What am I?

The answer....a barrel.

I'm not gonna lie Teresa, I'm a little let down by that answer.

Tyler said...


Then again, I didn't get it, so it wasn't that easy.

Michael said...

Well, it actually took two of us to figure that one out....and it wasn't that easy, though I'll take the blame for wasting more than a few questions...

also, not that within one day we have three comments for this last episode! (im ignoring the fact that all three posts are by the ppl on the show...)

Brutus said...

I've really enjoyed the discussions in recent weeks about urban renewal. Learning lots from you all.

With or without the much needed repairs to the infrastructures of our big cities, we are witnessing the evolution of popular streets like St-Laurent in Montreal. It was once filled with all sorts of delicatessens and ethnic shops. As the street gained fame over the years, taxes and rents increased, and some of the small shops closed down due to rising costs (e.g., St-Laurent Bakery). Recent construction on the Main only served to excellerate the pace. New boutiques have replaced the traditional stores. The street's face has changed. The same thing happened in Vancouver with Robsonstrasse. However, other new market areas within these cities have been springing up to fill the voids, so all is not lost. The Main is still a fun place to visit and shop.

Hopefully Michael will return for future episodes. Thanks for another enjoyable hour of listening to Awkward Silences.


Brutus said...

p.s. Thanks for the Beard guide!