Sunday, June 21, 2009



Metric - Too Little Too Late
Marvin Gaye - Let's Get it On
Badly Drawn Boy - Once Around the Block
Justice - DVNO
Yes - Owner of a Lonely Heart
Sarah Harmer - Everytime


Iran Election Protests
The Molson Canadiens
Being Erica


Michael said...

Definitely Top 20 guys! Great Episode!
But seriously, one of favourite so far! My favourite music episode and some great discussions!

A little clarification, I may have misinformed you guys last time, my Iranian friend isn't, herself, in Iran but she has family in which she is in close contact with. My friend actually lives in Montreal, so if you were interested I could probably ask her if she would be interested in meeting up wit Tyler and doin a little interview.

I did not know that little bit of history concerning the Molson family, that's a really interesting tidbit...

As for the Ottawa Hockey arena mention, I remember my cousin telling me that when they were deciding where to build the new arena they had a choice between a brownfield site in Downtown Ottawa or in Kanata. We, obviously, know which one they went with and how that's turned out. Could be a good topic, I think the reason they went with Kanata was beucase they had grossly over projected the success of their tech-boom...

There was probably a tonne more I wanted to say but I can't remember...Anyway, great show and I'm lookin forward to next week! to work on a theme song (pssss, Tlyer, Alissa says you like barbershop quartets...I can't really sing but might be fun to try that out...)

Brutus said...

Hello Alissa and Tyler:

I have been away for most of this week, so only today had a chance to catch up on Awkward Silences Radio. Thank you both for the thoughtful dedication on Fathers' Day. It brought back a flood of pleasant memories of our young family living in a small bungalow in St-Basile-le-Grand. Great musical choice. Thanks again!

The proposed EL train for Hamilton is an intriguing concept for public transportation within the city. I believe it is only recently that Hamilton has been connected to the series of GO trains that serves commuters between cities within the golden horseshoe. Costs of infrastructure for new rail systems naturally seem to be the sticking point. There has been a lot of talk about new streetcars for Toronto, and whether the federal government should help with the funding. How do you feel about this project?

As for the names of marquis buildings, I will always call the complex in Toronto the Skydome, even though officially it is the Rogers Centre. As long as these major edifices are held in private hands, companies will want to use them to help market their products. If BCE, a direct competitor to Rogers, bought that same building they could not possibly live with the current name. It is a shame that a generic moniker like "skydome" could not stay with any new owner (i.e., Rogers' Skydome.)

Looking forward to the next episode featuring Dear Mikey. You may call the show: "My wife ran off with my best friend, and I miss him". Ba dump ba!

I believe having Canadian music on the show for Canada Day is a wonderful idea. May I suggest a Gordon Lightfoot song that was written to celebrate Canada's centenary: Canadian Railroad Trilogy. It is long, so if you do not have time, you can play "No Time" by the Guess Who. (Sorry)

Your next show should air live from Le Tandoor Restaurant. Alissa will love it!

Hope the Iran crisis will be over by the time of your next episode.

All the best.