Sunday, June 7, 2009


The extra ten minutes of Episode Twenty? Our gift to you (just pay separate shipping & handling).

Tegan & Sara - Like O, Like H
Sleater Kinney - One Beat
Le Tigre - Sixteen
Deerhunter - Fluorescent Grey
Pet Shop Boys - Go West
Blur - Boys and Girls
Erasure - A Little Respect
Kinks - Lola
David Bowie - Ziggy Stardust
Elton John - Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

Interesting Article - Bi design: Is playing gay the latest trend in pop music?
David Bowie and bisexuality
North Korea
Day care fire in Mexico
Bixi vs. the world


Michael said...

Yes, finally a show that I can relate to!

Disclaimer: Unlike my previous, oh so brief, comments, this one may be a little long...Maybe I should start my own radio show commenting on your guys' show...

First, I'm a little relieved, Tyler, that you brought up Mayday. As pathetic as it may be, that was one of the first things that was goin through my mind when I heard about this plane 'disappearing'. Again, I know that's bad, but this story has so much mystery behind it and, like you said, there is much to learn about it that I couldn't help but think of that show.

Second, I was pretty impressed with Kingston's Parade this past weekend, I was assuming that given the size of kingston that it wouldn't be very impressive but it was, indeed, much more impressive than i imagined. Still modest but interesting to see that Kingston has a fairly large gay(et. al.) or at least gay (et. al.) friendly community.

Next, the BIXI, I'll try to keep this short b/c I could probably go on forever about it... I agree, it's tough to tell who it's designed for and I think because there is so much excitement over it and Montreal seem to want to use it, over time it will be further tailored to residents use and whatever else that will encompass.

The map issue is certainly a problem but unless I'm mistaken, they are already beginning to put up maps (which include stations and bike paths) at stations because this was such an obvious short-coming. Also, stations are, i think, at most 300m apart so they aren't always too hard to find when you're just biking around. They've also now started to provide the user with an additional 15min if all the stalls are full. you just need to swipe your card...

Yes, nearly 50 pages of reading, is ridiculous! I think the use of debit or credit is likely to deter or make it very difficult to steal or damage the bikes.

What is a little unclear to me is the free thirty minutes. Maybe you guys can clarify... If someone takes out a bike, do they have 30 minutes every time they take the bike or do they get 30 minutes over the course of the day before you start getting charged?

Some random notes:
You're segways are so pro I don't know what to do with them! Keep'em coming!

Le Tigre is actually from New York not Montreal...

I understood most of the links between your music this week and pride week but I'm confused about one. What's so gay about 'goodbye yellow brick road'?

Until next time!

PS - 'Comment of the Week'! Take that Brutus!

of course, im just joking...

Alice said...


I think it's clear that you should just put me out of my misery and take over as Tyler's radio show host counter-part.

No hard feelings?

Michael said...

No no no....that's crazy talk. I'm fairly certain if Tyler and I were the only ones doing the show the world would implode.

Brutus said...

Congratulations on Episode 20! Really smooth and polished show. You must be using a script!

The bicycle 'experiment' in Montreal is good in principle, but I fear the vandals will do it in. I hate being so pessimistic about it, but I cannot foresee any other outcome based on recent tendencies.
I am also very concerned over the bicycle lane that has been created on de Maisonneuve street. We have so many problems with car drivers turning in front of pedestrians at crosswalks, I fear the high number of accidents that will likely occur with cyclists. Hopefully I am wrong on both counts.

Your review of the movie "Up" makes me want to see it!

Appreciated your reference to culinary delights and specifically muffins!

No pride day here in Vaughan, but there will be a Bindertwine festival in September. Does that count?

Shout out to Mike the Spike! Keep those comments of the week comin'.

Best regards,