Sunday, September 20, 2009


Back to the usual mix of music and talk this week. Enjoy, and as always, feel free to comment (or send us larges sacks of money)!


The Klaxons - Forgotten Works
The Dears - Berlin Heart

Karkwa - Oublie Pas
Rogue Wave - Endless Shovel

Cold War Kids - Something is Not Right With Me
Band of Skulls - You Know What I Am

Amy Millan - Baby I

Moulin à Paroles: Le Devoir vs. The National Post (with a changed title, I'll point out)
MTV Video Awards 2009
Sue Hendler - "The End of the Ride"

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Brutus said...

While I very much enjoy the episodes devoted entirely to musical eras, I get even more out of the shows that include your reviews of current events. And amid all the clever repartee, jokes and analyses, there is always meaningful content that I really appreciate. I read the courageous newspaper article by the late Professor Hendler, and it certainly hit home - and I did not even know her as you both did. Thank you for posting it.

Knowing that Alissa seems to enjoy lots of Indie bands, I have kept my ears open for new groups and sounds. I believe you may have already played songs from Metric on the show, and their piece, "Collect Call", was definitely worth a listen. But what really twigged my interest this week was a jazz tune from Brandi Disterheft called "Twilight Curtain". Wonderful harmonies. Give it a chance!

By the way, who's splendid artwork was featured on the cover of Episode 34? Loved it! However, Tyler does not eat fish!!

A la prochaine,