Sunday, November 1, 2009

Episode 40: Far & Away

No, you haven't stumbled onto a blog dedicated to Ron Howard's 1992 film (starring the former Hollywood power couple of Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise). It's just, Far & Away is this week's musical theme. And, as it happens, Episode 40 is far and away our most awkward of late, so, umm, aren't you keen on it, now?


Rainer Maria - Life of Leisure
Tegan and Sara - Hop A Plane

Elton John - Rocket Man
Chantal Kreviazuk - Until We Die

Carole King - So Far Away

Simon and Garfunkel - Homeward Bound

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Brutus said...

Thank you so much, Roz and Frazier. I am indebted to you both for the valuable insights that you have provided on the issue of soft landscaping. And just in time, since tomorrow morning I will be stating our case at Toronto's City Hall.

Enjoyed the selection of tunes as always.

My recommendation is that you just keep the numbering scheme going forward. That way all listeners can start looking forward to episode 753!

Thanks again,


Otherwise Known as "Miss" said...

Hello, my Awkward friends.
(And you certainly are bringing the awkward to the table tonight.)

Thanks for speaking to Brutus' question from last week (or the week before?). You guys have a way of making things which are completely foreign to me very accessible, and I appreciate that. As in, you say "retention plan" and "proposed bylaw", and "subsection" and I don't throw myself out the window. In fact, I think "Oh, very interesting." and contemplate what you have just said.
Alyssa, I think you might be the only other person in the universe to know the song "Until We Die" by Chantal Kreviazuk. In fact, I am proud of you for sharing that with the internet community. You are braver than I. (Why do I know this song? Do I even like it? Not really. The lyrics somewhat inane, and I find the underwateriness of that plink plunk sound highly annoying. But I am a sucker for anything with violins.)

Have you guys seen "No Tears for Caesar" by William Shatner??? I shall link it here.Ridonk.
"Honorable men, honorable men, honorable men.... no tears for Caesar." And of course, the gloriously inappropriate hiss at the end. Classic.

I cannot tell a lie. Your joint enthusiasm for The Office makes me want to watch the show more regularly. I don't always stop what I am doing on a Thursday night to sit down and watch The Office, but I increasingly find myself happy to do so.

Thank you for playing Carole King. (Not that I asked you to do so.) There is something very zen-inducing about the sound of her voice to me. I love Carole King so very much. She is such a fabulous songwriter.

"Doesn't anybody stay in one place anymore?" Funny you should ask. One of my FAVORITE plays in the entire universe addresses that issue precisely. "Angels in America". In the play, the Continental Principalities (a group of angels, each representing one continent)talk about God punishing the humans for their incessant migration, etc, etc, much too complicated to get into in depth here. Insert people crashing through ceilings, drag queens, Valium-induced hazes, trips to Antarctica, Ethel Rosenberg...

... Could you do a Christmas song episode for the holidays? That would be so happy.

Oh, and also can I please make a birthday request for a song that I haven't decided yet.

Another great show, chums. I am always happy to come home, have a cup of tea, and share in the general awkwardness of life with you, AG and TW.