Monday, January 11, 2010

Awkward Silences S02 E01: The Big Leagues

One might say we've 'graduated' to the next level of podcasting. The second season, if you will.


French Kicks - Said So What

Sarah Harmer - Lodestar
Taken by Trees - Lost and Found

Tegan and Sara - The Cure
Tegan and Sara - Someday

Stars - Heart

Coldplay - See You Soon


Michael Ignatieff's Opinion Piece
Lost Overview


Otherwise Known as "Miss" said...

Congratulations on your second season, PJs. One day, when you have millions of listeners, I will be able to say "I knew you when...".

And that will be a strange and special day.

Fun to hear the whole "Said So What" song.

Huh. Interesting that you should bring up the "Bowel Movements at the Homes of Others" problem because I was talking about it just this weekend with my Mom and Aunts. They all have issues with that and I asked them if they had always been like that or if I should be expecting to become really anal retentive (pardon the pun) about this issue in my middle age. They said it has always been an issue for them, and as such I should be fine. So I am sorry to say, Alyssa, that it might not be an "all women are like that" sort of thing. That being said, though, I absolutely understand what Tyler is saying about sometimes feeling awkward in the bathrooms of others, especially if there are some medical concerns there. It feels like you are walking in on people's most private struggles and weaknesses.

...what do you mean my gift wasn't your favorite?!?! (jokes, jokes...) Tyler's gift to me was, in fact, an excellent one to which I reacted strongly and happily. Giving gifts IS the fun part of the commercialized holidays.

Love Sarah Harmer, by the way, Alyssa, as I mentioned to you the other day via Facebook.

Don't get me started about the bloody proroguing of Parliament.

Oh my Lord. Ty, that picture of the two of you at graduation doesn't look like you AT ALL. I might have looked at it three times thinking "Huh, who is that random friend of Alyssa's?" and then just now... "WHOA! It's Tyler! No, it's not. Yes, it is."

Yay season 2!


Michael said...

Listening to this episode reminded of the greatness that is A.S. Radio... From talking about topics that too many ppl think about, yet nobody talks about to awesome sound effects (it seems the budget has grown for season 2!).

I just wanted to point your attention to this link from the hilarious website It was put up a couple days ago and after seeing Avatar last night (did you note the hipster 3d glasses???) and then reading this entry I couldn't help but laugh. The story was weak but the experience makes up for any shortcomings. Anyway, here's the link:

Also, yes, Friends is a hilarious show... it's corny but really funny. Even my brother the Rabbi can't help but laugh at it... it got a bit too cheesy near the end but was well done and reruns are always good. Also, the dvd's have some of the best bloopers I've seen.

Lookin forward to week 2!

Brutus said...

Congratulations Roz and Frazier! Another outstanding milestone.

I, for one, will miss your traditional theme song. Enjoyed hearing it in its entirety this week.

I share Otherwise Known as Miss' disgust over the (par)rogues in parliament. You can rest assured that they will be tripping over each other to dole out medals at the upcoming Olympic Games. They have no shame. Who else on the planet gets more than a quarter of the year off for vacation? Not even teachers, eh K? Our tax dollars at work.

Sorry about that - my first rant of the year.

My second rant involves a suitcase that remains undelivered. Who can lose a bag on a flight from Toronto to Montreal????

A third rant could touch on the brazen self- promotion of the entertainment industry. What a bunch of self-proclaimed superstars. After all the attention, they likely believe they are actually making extra-ordinary contributions to society. Don't award shows turn your stomach?

There goes my New Year's resolution.

On a positive note, I really liked Alyssa's reaction to the conclusion of the Dexter season: "Whaaattt??"

Looking forward to your thoughts on the show, "Lost". Where are we? In the past season ending episode did Hurley take up cannibalism? No, sorry, that's Lord of the Flies.

Happy New Year,
Brutus Ridiculous IX

p.s. When it comes to graduation pictures always blame the photographer.

Brutus said...

To: Staff of ASRS

Is it still possible to download the show on I-Tunes? I was not successful this time.

Thanks for the technical advice.


Tyler said...

Regarding this post's photo, after I tracked it down, my first reaction was to wonder, "Who is that lesbian standing next to Alissa?"