Sunday, January 17, 2010

S02 E02: Building On

We won't say that this is the best episode of A. S. ever. That would be presumptuous. But it's probably fair to say it's the best of this season. And if we keep building on our experience, Season 3 will win some sort of Podcastie Award. No pressure, though...


Lilly Allen - Everything's Just Wonderful
Rilo Kiley - My Slumbering Heart

CSS - Off The Hook
Little Girls - Youth Tunes

Tegan and Sara - On Directing

Nightmares on Wax - Flip Ya Lid

Alice is Dead; Here Comes the Boogeyman
Century Theatre is Destroyed; Century Theater Photos
Cinema Treasures
Inventory of Vieux-Montreal Why I'm With CoCo, And Why That Spells Trouble For Traditional TV


Brutus said...

ASR is like a box of chocolates!

My take on the conversation with the Novack's employee was slightly different. I was under the impression that the downtown storeowners were not willing to open their upper floors to residents since it would cost them far too much to bring their premises up to code. Either way, downtown London is in drastic need of renewal.

If you can imagine one of the most prominent corners of a city harbouring an expansive parking lot. This parking lot was a shopping mall at one time. The City of London has an unenforced By-law stating that owners of such interim parking lots have three years in which to convert these sites into commercial entities. The northwest corner of King and Clarence streets has been a parking lot for almost a decade!

À bientôt!


Michael said...

Solid episode! The planning talk has gotten out of control!

On Conan: a friend posted this clip from last night's episode and I thought it was brilliant! I think this whole thing might give him a real boost when he gets back on TV. It'll give him some time off, he'll recharge the batteries and I think a lot of people will follow him onto whatever channel he goes on to (I heard fox...)

kk said...
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