Sunday, January 24, 2010

S02 E03: The Road Less Travelled

Where do we go from here, faithful listeners? That seems to be the overall theme of this episode, if you had to think about it (we did). Hmm... a rhetorical question from two twenty-something nerds concerned with the uncertainty surrounding our times? Cue the Indie music!


Brand New - I Will Play My Game Beneath The Spin Light
Minus The Bear - This Ain't A Surfin' Movie

Wolf Parade - Shine A Light
TV On The Radio - Province

The Smiths - Pretty Girls Make Graves

New Order - Temptation


Conan + Lost + The Office = 2006 Emmys


Otherwise Known as "Miss" said...

It's called UPTALKING. When your inflection rises at the end of the sentences, making everything sound like a question.

Sorry I didn't listen last week... End of term, marking, auditioning kids for the play, etc, etc... I felt,... neglectful.

... I only get channels 6, 12 and Global, so I have no opinion on latenight TV.

Thanks for fighting the good fight for me and my worries about education out there in Podcastland. I am too discouraged from marking all day to comment much on it, but I do think there are some very curious things going on out there in educationland, up to and including my students thinking that alfalfa is the theme of "Of Mice and Men".

Oh, Children of Men. An amazing movie. (Although I didn't think so when I first saw it, as Tyler knows.) Funny you should mention it. My grade tens are going to do a compare and contrast essay between it and The Handmaid's Tale when we are finished reading the novel.

Excellent use of the word "Cornucopia".

Great episode. Hopefully next week I will be able to return to

Your devoted and active listener,

Alanna said...

I wish I was in high school... I would love to write that essay!

Brutus said...

Good evening Roz and Frazier:

There should be much more time in school devoted to learning about potential careers, and career planning in general. Guidance counselors should do more than merely hand out and score aptitude tests. They should be introducing students to the widest range of fields possible.

Appreciated the critique of the movie, The Road. Sounds worth seeing.

Hopefully I am not alone amongst your fans in requesting a review of LOST prior to the approaching start of the final season.

Intriguing musical selection as always. Ear-opening!!

With any luck these comments will pass your strict censorship tests.

Please do not delete me,


Michael said...

Great music selection this week!

As per the school discussion, I could be wrong but it seems as though the education system is in the midst of a major overhaul. I'm not intimately involved with it anymore so it may be at the end of this change but it just seems that school is very different for children now then it was for me and other of our generation. I hope kids aren't falling through the cracks or anything but that probably is expected as no one program is geared to work for everyone...

I was not a huge fan of the office this week, i jsut felt as though it was a filler, though some of the possible reasons you guys came up with do shine a different light on it. I just feel that since it's so easy to see old episodes nowadays (dvd's, streaming, downloads, repeats, etc.) a clip episode doesn't have the same allure.

Finally, I jsut wanna ask if you, Alissa, felt like Statler and Waldorf hanging over the stage like that?

Alice said...

Ha, yes, yes I did Michael. Although in a non-Statler-and-Waldorf-like fashion I was applauding the show rather than tearing it down.

Also, I'm not quite sure which Brand New song is in the place of 'I Will Play My Game Beneath The Spin Light', but I'm curious to find out.