Sunday, April 18, 2010

S02 E15: Dark Days

Umm... Happy Spring, everybody!


Marvin Gaye - Mercy, Mercy Me
Vera Lynn - We'll Meet Again

Iron & Wine - Die

Jason Collette - Fire
The New Pornographers - Failsafe

The Clash - Spanish Bombs
Coldplay - We Never Change

Death Cab For Cutie - Follow You Into The Dark

Paddling in Texas schools
Retoxing in UK prisons

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Brutus said...

No doubt it was the darkest episode of ASR to date. As if there were not enough natural disasters to worry about, you also had to remind us of Alana's quickest exit from a series in the history of television. You two must have shared lunch with Darth Vader last week.

So, something to cheer you both up:
Driving past Kingston on Monday I heard a radio station state that the old building that housed the S&R store will not be demolished, but revamped for government offices. It will include a number of environmental modifications, such as solar panels on the roof.

All the best,