Monday, May 24, 2010

S02 E20: Aloha

Howdy. To be honest, faithful listeners, while we realize you all have lives beyond this podcast, it's usually a bit, well, disconcerting when a week's episode doesn't seem to garner much interest. We try, most often, to make our scatter-shot musings palatable to others, after all.

But this week's episode...

Well, look, we get it. If your not a fan of LOST, you won't find 45+ minutes of discussion about the series finale all that entertaining. Heck, maybe even if you are a fan. But of course we had to do it, for the record. So no hard feelings, pals. And next week... umm, an hour-long tribute to pizza! (Everyone likes pizza, right?) And for all you die-hard LOSTies: Enjoy!


Ben. E. King - Stand By Me
Rogue Wave - Christians in Black
Death Cab For Cutie - Lightness
Justice - Let There Be Light
Spoon - Black Like Me
The Black Lips - Transendental Light
The Smiths - Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want


A National Post interactive cartoon about the LOST cast over its six seasons
A good A.V. Club article about the finale

1 comment:

Brutus said...

Well, I guess it's back to watching Golden Girls reruns! I am going to miss seeing Ben Linus getting beat to a pulp each and every week as he did over the past six years. And what about John Locke spending every waking moment in a hospital when he was not on the island. There must have been a bulls eye posted on the back of his wheelchair!!

Your "Tribute to Lost" episode was appreciated - you certainly clarified a number of the mysteries that had me still puzzled.

The finale seemed true to form - a fitting ending to a show that introduced so many characters and just as many interlocking plot lines. As always it left me scratching my head, but wanting more. I will miss the show since it was always solid entertainment.

Your thoughts on where you were in your lives six years ago when LOST first began were interesting. It was also interesting to see the aging of the actors on the show over that same time span.
A lot can happen in six years!

Have a great week!