Monday, August 9, 2010

S02 E28: Games People Play

We haven't had a good rant episode lately (some people would say we haven't had a good episode, period. Jerks.), but this week, well... if you don't end up passionate about stadium construction in Hamilton by the end of the show, there's no hope for you. Enjoy!


The Stars - Wasted Daylights
The Stars - We Don't Want Your Body
The Stars - Changes

View of West-Harbour lands, looking south to Downtown, from Bayfront Park, Hamilton

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Brutus said...

If I can ignore Alissa comparing my first born to the current Prime Minister, I will acknowledge that it was a great episode. You touched on a topic dear to my heart, my beloved TiCats.

Mr. Young has been an outstanding owner of the team since 2003, and has got the house back in order since he took over. The team has returned to respectability and the crowds have returned.

However based on what I know, I think he is dead wrong when it comes to the proposed location of the new stadium. Apart from the obvious negative comparisons to the Senators arena in Kanata, and the the Expos at the Big "O" in Montreal, let's also look at a positive example; one in his own league. The Alouettes had died once previously, and were again on life support, until a U2 concert at the Big O forced the team to play one game at the Molson stadium downtown. They have not looked back and have had sellouts at every game since.

There is also the case of the London Knights, who used to play in an arena so far south of the city it was actually in St. Thomas. Few people north of Dundas street ventured to the games. Since the team moved to the downtown John Labatt Centre the team is drawing much better audiences. It has also proven beneficial for the downtown of London. People are attending concerts in the new facility as well.

While I appreciate what Mr. Young has done over the years for the franchise I am extremely disappointed with his recent ultimatum, which verges on blackmailing the city of Hamilton. I think he is ill-informed.

Sadly politics often trumps common sense and knowledge. So does ego, so I suspect he will not back down.

Sure hope a successful resolution can be found.