Sunday, February 13, 2011

S03 E03: Be Mine

Considering Valentine's Day is tomorrow, the holiday garners little attention this week. We do, however, discuss Alissa's new-found affection of Philidelphia's neighbourhoods; discuss the lovely awkwardness that love brings to our beloved The Office; and play some music we adore. Oh, also, we try to solve the free market/government intervention quandary in twenty shambling minutes. What could be more romantic? Enjoy!

P.S. Let us know what you think of the intro. Actually, let us know what you think, period!

The Office: still love-able after all these years.


David Bowie - Golden Years
Peter, Bjorn and John - Teen Love
A.C. Newman - Take On Me (Cover)
Will Smith - Fresh Prince of Belair
Rilo Kiley - Capturing Moods
Pogo - Upular
Kaiser Chiefs - Na Na Na Na Naa
Talking Heads - Road to Nowhere


Otherwise Known as "Miss" said...

Happy Valentine's Day, PJs.

I'm loving the intro, dudes. "Wake Up" really is a fantastic song. It's completely stirring, the kind of anthem your heart just falls in step with, and you think that the "Whoaaaaaaaaa" cry coming through the guitar and tam is screaming out of you. (It was also the opening song to our production of "Antigone" at the school last year. Ancient Greeks + Arcade Fire? Yes.)

Take On Me cover? Sort of gives me a the creeps in the manner of the Obadiah Parker cover of "Hey Ya". Elements of the serial killer.

Alright, so this morning I came across a photo album on facebook of abandoned amusement parks which I sent to Tyler. Listening to you talk about somewhat derelict neighbourhoods and my brain flashing back to the now-defunct (but no less frightening in concept) Mannequin Factory, I think next week you guys should talk about the following topic:


I think that would be interesting.

Fresh Prince of Belair theme. This, for some reason, reminds me of sitting on my Babcia's couch and watching that show because, for some unexplained reason, she really LIKED the Fresh Prince of Belair.

Way to go on the Odysseus reference. You were correct.

You know, it's funny you're talking about this, because I just finished doing a Wealth unit with my Contemporary World students and I was amazed to see how complex their ideas were. They can really look at issues from so many sides, seeing the value of a libertarian approach to the economy but also standing up and cheering for socialist causes. Even though sometimes their pragmatism can startle me, I am always impressed with their ultimate concern for the good of all people. Exciting stuff.

Hmm. I didn't know what Brutalism was, but then I looked it up on Wikipedia and found out that the Robarts Library at U of T (where I went. Saying Alma Mater sounds pretentious. But then I looked up what the expression means in Latin and I thought that I really don't consider any university my "nourishing mother". Just sayin'.)... I lost myself. Okay: The Robarts Library is one of the "great" examples of Brutalist (?) architecture in North America. Huh.

An extra thought: The Robarts Library houses the "Faculty of Information". 1984? YES.

Love the UP remix. That Pogo guy has talent.

Truly great show this week, PJs.

Thanks for keeping me company as I mark.


William Robert said...

Hello A & T:

Don't you just love the whistling in "Golden Years"?

Your new theme song will do the job nicely; it should be easy to fade in and out.

Having listened to ASR for the past two seasons, my interest in urban planning issues has been piqued. This week I happen to been in Richmond, B.C., where I will be taking both a SkyTrain and water taxi to get into Vancouver. What a convenient (and enjoyable) method of commuting.

And last week in Fort Lauderdale it was possible to travel on shuttle boats along the intercoastal waterway right into the heart of the downtown area.

I guess Place Bonaventure in Montreal qualifies as Brutalist architecture.

Miss KW is on to something! Her idea of having an episode devoted to cool yet terrifying places is a superb suggestion. Right now the outdoor rink in Montcalm Park qualifies!

Until the next time,