Tuesday, May 3, 2011

S03 E08: An Inferior Race (Part 2)

Well, this is embarrassing...

We really shouldn't have gone for a two-parter. At least, not with this title. Turns out a lot can happen in a couple of weeks. An election campaign can veer towards interesting. Oh, and while we're at it, royalty can get married, terrorists can get killed and televisions shows can shine. At least the unpredictability of world events makes for a killer conversation this week. Enjoy!


OK Go - Here It Goes Again
The Beach Boys - Darlin'
Modest Mouse - Ocean Breathes Salty
The Strokes - Between Love and Hate
Sam Roberts Band - Longitude
Bruce Springsteen - My City of Ruins (in loving memory of Michael Ignatieff)


Rick Mercer's article in Maclean's on his time on the campaign trail;
his pre-election interview on NPR
Obama and Seth Meyers at the White House Correspondents' Dinner
Christopher Hume: Where would Toronto hold its revolution?
Michael's growth (That's What She Said)
T-Mobile's fake wedding procession

1 comment:

William Robert said...

Months can go by with out any big news, then we live through a wild couple of weeks like the past two!

Your analysis of the election results was interesting; everyone seems to be scratching their heads.

It may be premature to completely write-off the Liberals. I recall when Conservative Brian Mulroney hung Kim Campbell out to dry in an election back in 1993. The PCs had held two successive terms in power, and after a disastrous run they ended up with 2 seats in all of Canada (good for 5th place overall).

Many thought that would be the end of the Conservatives, but look at them now! The Liberals will recover, once they find an inspirational leader.

For fun here are the results from Canada's first election in 1867. Population: 3 230 000
Number of Electors: 361 028
Total Ballots cast: 268 387
Voter Turnout: 73.1%

Remember at that time women were not permitted to vote.

Some things have improved after all!

Have a great fortnight.


p.s. Enjoyed Alissa's humming as a musical interlude!