Monday, October 3, 2011

S03 E18: Cultured

You might be excused for expecting some urban planning talk this week, given that we both studied in that field and pretty much are massive nerds. However, last week's ranting ignited something within us that hasn't quite burned away yet. So here's another hour or so of cultural analysis by a still sharp but slightly less incensed duo. Enjoy!

This episode is like to a jet of ranch dressing to the face.

In a good way.

Rilo Kiley - Spectacular Views
The Cure - Just Like Heaven
Cold War Kids - Relief
Jenny and Johnny - Animal
Sufjan Stevens - The Man of Metropolis Steals Our Hearts
Handsom Furs - No Feelings


Mexico's toying with a temporary marriage license

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William Robert said...

What in blazes is a Diaper Genie? Had to google it up. Sure wish they had them around years ago!!!

The discussion about marriage was quite intriguing. While you expressed things in different ways, I would have to agree with your takes on the modern view of marriage. With more than half of marriages ending up in divorce these days, there is no longer the stigma there once was (i.e., a few decades ago it was seen as a real failure, and often generated a great deal of embarrassment and frequently resulted in alienation from friends.)

Today, it appears that some couples do not view the wedding as the making of a life-long commitment. Sometimes it seems that marriage is thought of as some sort of experiment (and worse, the ceremony as some sort of excuse to hold a big party with mega-gifts, and with Mommy and Daddy paying for a cool honeymoon). I find this sad. And no matter what single-parents will claim, it is sadder yet when young children are involved. They cannot help but be affected emotionally.

My apologies for the cynicism. I'm a little crusty after all that turkey (lovingly prepared by my wonderful wife of 30+ years).
I, for one, am fortunate enough to cherish all my married years. It is my wife and children that have brought me the most happiness, contentment and fun over the years.

Take care,