Wednesday, April 11, 2012

S04 E07: We're On Fire

Want to know the pertinence of this week's episode's title? Best listen!

Making anything look artistic, even "grease fires" (domestic disputes)


Goyte - I Feel Better
Fleet Foxes - Lorelai
Florence and the Machine - Heavy in Your Arms

Kate Nash - Pumpkin Soup
Fanfarlo - Atlas
Electric Guest - American Daydream

Vampire Weekend - Jonathan Low
Metric - Eclipse (All Yours)
UNKLE feat. The Black Angels - With You In My Head

Bombay Bicycle Club - How Can You Swallow So Much Sleep

Goyte - Making Making Mirrors: A Short Documentary
Bombay Bicycle Club - Lights Out, Words Gone (Video)

1 comment:

William Robert said...

Well, ASR hosts, you've hit a new high-water mark with that thrilling epilog to this fortnight's episode. Initially I thought I was being treated to a Bob Newhartesque one-sided telephone conversation. Only later did I realize that this was real life drama unfolding before my very ears. Amazing stuff!! Glad Alissa survived the trauma.

Sometimes I believe I must be living on another planet. How could I be so unfamiliar with most of the bands featured on the show? And were it not for ASR I would not have heard last month about Gotye's and Kimbra's poplular hit. Really liked Fleet Foxes and Metric. E. Haines' voice is outstanding.

If you decide to tackle power trios, I would recommend at least one hit from RUSH - "Nobody's Hero" might be a good one.

I will give some thought to some of the other possible themes you are considering.

Have a great week and thank you.