Wednesday, May 1, 2013

S05 E06: Human Nature

This week, we (unknowingly) explore various facets of social psychology: the bombings in Boston and the Internet's response; memes, and how people, shockingly, are unoriginal; the social shift noticeable through the coming out of gay athletes; our fascination with horror films and, for not always unrelated reasons, tattoos. Enjoy!

 Nothing says "Mayday" like 'NSYNC GIFs, right?


Grizzly Bear - Yet Again
Radiohead - Idiotque

Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins - Rise Up With Fists
Goyte - Eyes Wide Open

Santogold (feat. Trouble Andrew) - I'm a Lady
Sleater Kinney - One Beat

Modest Mouse - Once Chance
Fleet Foxes - Someone You'd Admire

Madonna - Human Nature


The Real People of Your Favourite Memes (Funny or Die)
Mr. Rogers Meme
NBA Player Jason Collins Says He's Gay (via Deadspin)

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William Robert said...

Made my day. Thanks!

I would have to disagree with Alissa. ASR is not semi-entertaining. It is quasi-entertaining!

First time hearing Grizzly Bear - Yet Again. Great song.

Until the next one, bye