Friday, January 9, 2009


French Kicks - Said So What
The Clash - Hateful
Justin Timberlake ft. T.I. - My Love
Booker T & the M.G's - Green Onions

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RikkiDee said...

Hey its Ryan Smith, that guy who is Joe Palango's friend.

Its nice to see a fellow radio host in action. My friend and I have been running a show at the UWO radio station for about a year now, our site is Its more music centric than yours but we do like to go on about random topics as well.

I agree that its the best medium to express yourself - eye contact is overrated.

As for the show, I found myself being interested in the topics that interested me - imagine that. I imagine with the diverse range of topics you guys want to cover, you may have problems with keeping the audiences attention throughout the entire show.

I thought it was a strange choice to have your first topic on your first show about something that Allissa didn't know much about. I myself am pretty ignorant to the entire situation of Gaza, so I at least could empathize with her.

I have no idea if you guys would be into this but we tried putting back ground music while we talk. We feel it made for a more pleasant listening experience as well as allowed us to make those awkward pauses seem, well, less awkward.

I also know you are a huge music fan and wouldn't mind listening to some of your select favorites. On our show we are limited as to what we can play since radio stations in Canada mandate that you play 40% new content and 40% Canadian content, which doesn't leave much for your personal older favorites usually. So take advantage of your freedom imo.

I just think its cool that I know someone other than myself that enjoys doing radio/podcasts. I hope you continue it as its been fun and rewarding for me over the past year. It takes some time to get your groove, but the journey has been enjoyable.

Keep up the good fight, or keep on truckin'... one of those