Friday, April 24, 2009


Remember, folks, we want to hear from you! What do you think about S&R? Are there other businesses downtown that you'd hate to see close?

Stevie Wonder - Higher Ground
LCD Soundsystem - Watch the Tapes
Feist - When I Was a Young Girl
Lykke Li - Little Bit
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah! - Upon This Tidal Wave of Young Blood

Susan Boyle on Britain's Got Talent and singing Cry Me A River


Michael said...

What better way to start the summer vacation off than with the most awkward 64 minutes on the interweb?

Despite the supposed lack of topics, I really had a lot goin on in my head throughout the episode.
My thoughts (at least what i can remember):
Susan Boyle - I have to first say that I really enjoyed her singing and it got me through an extra half-hour of Stats studying, nice voice... That being said, though, the whole thing made me really upset, it epitomized the vanity that our society cherishes so strongly. It may have been the editing but that still says something about the values we promote. I have not seen or heard any of the interviews with other celebrities' reactions but I also have issues with our celebrity obsessed culture and whether there aren't better things for us to think about... I should also just throw in that I hope I'm not coming across as being preachy or putting myself on a pedestal, I'm just as vain as the next person and certainly judge most of my books by their cover.
S&R - It's definitely sad that it's closing but I was walking by the building last night and was thinking about what an opportunity there is now with that building. It's a great looking building with great location. In talking with a fellow Surper we were thinking of putting in condos or housing of some sort on the upper levels and putting a grocer store on the bottom (given that they're looking to get rid of the Food Basics in all of the City's North Block designs this might not be a bad idea...) Anyway, just curious to see what'll happen there.
As for stores that I would miss if they closed? I'll have to get back to you, I'm gonna have to take a walk cuz I can't seem to remember any right now.
Finally, I loved the Office this week! It seems that all is right again in the world of Paper distribution. I can talk forever about it but I'll just leave it at that....
Ok, I think I'm taking over your comments page so I'll just end it here. Thanks for the great episode! Looking forward to a summer filled with Awkward Silences!

Tyler said...

Mike, I'll have to check with The Golden, but after that lovely response of yours I'm wondering if A.S. couldn't use a Poster-Laureate. Cheers.

Brutus said...

Fantastic show. Great vocal range, even without the prerequisite and popular impression of Queen Elizabeth II.

My heartiest congratulations to your team on the success of your presentation on the upgrading of Princess Street. While I was not there for the live version, the computer graphics that I saw afterward were really impressive. What a great way to finish off your degrees at Queen's with a meaningful and memorable project!

As for downtown Kingston, it is tempting to single out Curry Original as an establishment worth keeping, for Tyler's benefit. But seriously, it is the shops that carry unique items that interest me the most. For example there is a hardware shop with a Dutch name just up the street from S&R. It is not part of a chain, and has some items that I have not seen elsewhere. In my mind, there is a distinct lack of variety in many of the stores across the country. We can find GAP clothes and Body shop lotions just about everywhere. It is always a shame when a standalone specialty shop bites the dust.

Wonderful selection of music again. I think Stevie Wonder has been blind since childhood. I first saw him on the Ed Sullivan Show when he was about 19. He was wearing a traditional two-piece suit with a tie. It was later in the 70s when the stylists went to work on his wardrobe. Always liked his song "Superstition".

As for Feist, she has had some great melodies herself, especially "One Evening". What an outstanding voice to go along with her own guitar work.

As for Ms. Boyle, there is little doubt that a great deal of embellishment goes into these types of shows. After all, each act is screened, otherwise one could air 17 duds in a row. So they no exactly what to expect, and how to feed it to the audiences, both live and over the tube. Nevertheless, she can sing, and people seem to love the underdog.

If things were any more complicated on Lost, the show's name would best describe my status. What the heck is going on? And while I'm at it, where in blazes is Claire hiding?

Have a great week, and thanks for a very entertaining show.