Monday, November 30, 2009

Episode 44: It's Late

We're getting ever so close to the end: the end of the month, end of the year, end of the decade. But hopefully not at the end of your patience. Here it is, Episode 44, plump with sonorous delights. Plus, you know all those things you were thinking about lately? Yeah, we've thought about them too. Except we have microphones. And opinions. And delusions of greatness.


Arctic Monkeys - Fluorescent Adolescent
Blind Melon - Soup

Fleetwood Mac - Dreams
Jenny Lewis with the Watson Twins - You Are What You Love

Vampire Weekend - Walcott

Badly Drawn Boy - Epitaph


Broo-ha-ha in Honduras
Minarets banned in Switzerland
Neil Young as done by Jimmy Fallon


Otherwise Known as "Miss" said...

Hey PJs.

Well, you certainly have an awkward listener in me tonight. Its 4:00am, I can't sleep because my nose is blocked,... and am wide awake, so...

Oh Lord,... the teen 'stache. HORRIBLE. Re: Movember and playoff beards, they really do seem to me like an excuse to be scruffy. I know many men who hate to shave and I could just see them really embracing any occasion for which they have to stop shaving.

According to my research, Prairie Oysters is, in fact, a Canadian country band from Ontario. I had never heard of them, either, Alice. But get this horrible factoid about them: they fired one of their drummers for coming out as a Transwoman (She had also been a session drummer for Sharon, Lois and Bram. ..."Skinnamarink". An underused word.) Things like that really make my blood boil. Also, I can't believe that you can't name a single Blue Rodeo song, TW. 5 Days in May? Hasn't Hit Me Yet? Lost Together? It Could Happen to You? Bulletproof?

I very much liked the music this episode. Nice choices, AG. Blind Melon is so... I don't know. It just sounds like Grades 5-7.

Banning minarets in Switzerland reminds me of what happened in Herouxville to a certain extent. "We don't burn women to death here"? That doesn't mean "If you are Muslim and move to our town, you aren't allowed to burn anyone to death", because that's quite obviously the law across Canada. Its a by-law which says "We don't want you. At all. Go back to your country." Banning minarets seems, to me, like an equally rejecting gesture. Although I can't seem to figure out if minarets are an essential part of a mosque, or if you are allowed to build one without it. ...Curious.

I'm not a late-night TV fan by any stretch of the have to hand it to Leno, though. I find that he has a down-to-earthness about him. I don't care for his show or his sense of humour, but I do think he is a much more humble personality than Letterman.

The correct term for "dirty brown slush", by the way, is SCUMBANKS.

Okay, I am sleepy now and still have an hour and a half before I need to get up.

Another great episode, PJs.

mortonofski said...

It's late, just like the Queen's Centre! (HEYO!...though to be fair, I expected the end of the world to come before the first phase actually opened. I'm actually still in a state of shock that it's actually running.

Brutus said...

You had me reminiscing when you mentioned Lakehead University. Spent my first summer in Thunder Bay in the residence there. Beautifully new campus (at the time), on a small lake (not Superior). It is situated in the intercity, rather far from the downtowns of both Fort William and Port Arthur. I had to take a bus to go anywhere. It was 1975. Musical hits included "Dance With Me" by Orleans and "Lady" by Sytx!!

Tyler's grandparents spent a year in Baden, Switzerland in 1957. The Swiss are extremely set in their ways, and have a well-trained armed forces. These are reasons they have been able to survive as a small, neutral country the middle of Europe. They escaped invasion in both World Wars. Unfortunately, that same attitude has severely restricted access to potential immigrants. Families, having been there for generations, are still considered "auslanders".

Grüezi !


p.s. Enjoyed the Fleetwood Mac Song, "Dreams". Thinking back to your covers episode, the Corrs do a great job on that same piece.