Friday, July 23, 2010

S02 E26: Playing Catch-Up

Did you miss us? Enjoy!


The Rascals - Groovin'
The Byrds - Turn, Turn, Turn
Otis Redding - The Dock of the Bay
Santo & Johnny - Sleep Walk

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Brutus said...

Welcome back, Roz and Frasier:

Explaining the problems and inconveniences that Alyssa has been encountering with respect to the distance to grocery and hardware stores would be a great premise for a television commercial.... promoting cars! All joking aside, many densely populated areas seem to be missing some vital services for citizens. There is no grocery store in Kleinburg for example, so residents have to travel by automobile to Woodbridge to stock up. Naturally, there are two grocery stores within one kilometre of one another in Woodbridge!

Wonderful music this week. All classics. The song "Groovin" again prompts me to suggest a special musical episode devoted to the wonders of the harmonica.

Tyler's cell phone experience is not unique. That entire industry is all about marketing, and little about service. It is a shame that Bell was once a blue chip company with a tremendous reputation. It seems to have completely lost touch with the needs of clients and prospective customers.

As for the new stadium in Hamilton, I ask Alyssa to please carry the message to Mr. Young, president of the Tiger Cats, that suburban stadiums are rarely successful. The Big O in Montreal is a sad example. B.C. Place and the Rogers Centre (i.e., Sky Dome) have been much more successful, partially due to their downtown locations. I believe Mr. Young is promoting a stadium on the east mountain of Hamilton.

Best regards,