Wednesday, September 29, 2010

S02 E31: Together Again

What's that? There's a September? Where? Here, right now? Ending really soon? Oops...

Howdy folks. We've been asked if ASR is on hiatus. The answer is no and/or not anymore!

Turns out radical live changes can lead to different schedules. Go figure. But fear not, we're back (and not because of any contract requirements, we assure you). This week's (month's?) episode is a doozy and will comfortably feed 4-6 average-sized listeners. Probably enough talk here to last you for weeks. Are you glad you waited, folks?

Being back = Aerial fives aplenty

We hope you enjoy the episode, and as always, we love getting feedback. We promise to do a better job actually responding to your comments in the future. You know, by, say, responding to them. Cheers!


The Clash - Train in Vain
Cold War Kids - Mexican Dogs
Dave Rawlings Machine - Ruby
Intensive Care - Treasure Hunt
St. Vincent - Actor Out of Work
TV on the Radio - Halfway Home


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