Sunday, February 13, 2011

S03 E03: Be Mine

Considering Valentine's Day is tomorrow, the holiday garners little attention this week. We do, however, discuss Alissa's new-found affection of Philidelphia's neighbourhoods; discuss the lovely awkwardness that love brings to our beloved The Office; and play some music we adore. Oh, also, we try to solve the free market/government intervention quandary in twenty shambling minutes. What could be more romantic? Enjoy!

P.S. Let us know what you think of the intro. Actually, let us know what you think, period!

The Office: still love-able after all these years.


David Bowie - Golden Years
Peter, Bjorn and John - Teen Love
A.C. Newman - Take On Me (Cover)
Will Smith - Fresh Prince of Belair
Rilo Kiley - Capturing Moods
Pogo - Upular
Kaiser Chiefs - Na Na Na Na Naa
Talking Heads - Road to Nowhere