Sunday, May 13, 2012

S04 E08: Moving & Grooving

If there's an upside about being too busy to record an episode, it's that once the smoke clears and we put the headsets back on, we've got plenty of stories to tell (and the music to accompany them). So here's hoping you'll enjoy our catching up after a month's absence more than the absence itself.

(Please note that Blogger has updated itself, so one cannot click the title to hear the podcast. Instead
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I'm pretty sure this is the photo of Philly that Alissa asked me to post.

Electric Guest -Under the Gun
Electric Guest - Troubleman
Electric Guest - Waves
PS I Love You - Princess Towers
Eight And A Half - Go Ego
Electric Guest - This Head I Hold

William Whyte's The Social Life of Small Urban Spaces - The Street Corner
"When Obama Endorsed Marriage Equality"


William Robert said...

Hello ASR Hosts

Entertaining episode. Another new musical discovery (for me at least) - Electric Guest. The lead singer has an excellent voice, and it was particularly evident in the first song that was played. Impressive.

In the future, please continue with the city reviews. It is always helpful to hear about interesting places to visit, like Philadelphia and Boston.

Not much sympathy here for the student demonstrators in Montreal. They made therir point (which in my mind is feeble since they already pay low fees, even prorated from what their parents had to pay), and now it is just getting silly. Someone is going to get hurt, and for what. The term "Baby La-las" comes to mind!

There is such a thing as making a strong case for social justice and change, but it had better be for a damn good cause when it comes to this type of disruption. The actions of some of these self-serving students are way out of proportion to the issue upon which they are taking a stand.

Get a grip!

Enjoy the spring weather. Thanks,


William Robert said...

Don't you just love and appreciate a country that permits freedom of speech!