Sunday, August 9, 2009


There are days when you wake up feeling like rubbish, and things only get worse from then on. For those of you who haven't experienced that in awhile... you're in luck! In Episode 29 we discuss some of the more depressing topics at present. Don't worry, though, as this week's music theme involves the most glee-inducing songs we could think of. Enjoy!


Gunman killed 3, himself at US health club lamented his inability to find a girlfriend

Middle East - Gay Israelis rally after shooting at Gay Youth Centre
Canal deaths - honour killings?

My Happiness - Powderfinger
Hold On - Razorlight

Murdoch signals end of free news - News Corp set to start charging online customers for news content across all its websites
Clinton's high drama Korean mission
U.S. Journalists 'home' and 'free'

There She Goes - The La's
Take On Me - A Ha

John Hughes dead at 59.
Ridley Scott and Dicaprio to pair up for film adaptation of Aldous Huxley's 1931 novel - Brave New World
Funny People

Brown Eyed Girl - Van Morrison
Island in the Sun - Weezer

Wolfe Island Music Fest
Lykke Li Concert in Toronto at Sound Academy
So You Think You Can Dance Finale

Let My Love Open the Door [E.Cola Mix] - Pete Townsend


Kristen said...

Hey Alissa and TW.
Finally trying to catch up on Awkward Silences. I've missed listening to you guys.
THIS is a great episode. I am presently re-listening to the segment about the canal deaths in Kingston, reasonable accomodations, honour killings, etc. There is so much to say about all this... and I think you've both done an admirable job trying to cover the bases. (I had to smile when I heard the tendrils of a conversation I had with Tyler a few weeks ago creep into your discussion.) I won't launch into my opinion here. All this to say “Super”.
Guilty Pleasures show? DO IT.
Re: Brave New World VS. 1984,... I think Tyler's right. Brave New World just didn't age as well as 1984, in my opinion.
Monopoly: the Movie??? Ohmygodyouguys, that is the worst thing imaginable right now. (But I read the article. Too horrible.) And Punch Drunk Love IS a great film.
Oh, and good song choices. I will limit further comments, as I could have many.
Great show.

Kristen said...

Further update- I just read that Tim Burton is producing a new film version of 1984, due out next year.
...anything is better than Monopoly: the Movie. Terrible.

Michael said...

Super duper, guys! You would think that such depressing topics would kill my mood but I guess the music was a perfect balance!

Thoughts: Was totally disgusted by all the garbage... Especially the stuff in the first segment. The shooting in Penn. was pathetic (of the douche...) and in Tel Aviv just sad... I am happy to say that Tel Aviv still does hold the largest Gay Pride Parade in the middle east and continued to bring out huge numbers even after this shooting.

FYI I was pretty sure that they made some adaptations of Brave New World before but for TV. After checking wikipedia my feelings were confirmed.Two Made for tv movies, One in 1980 and another in 98.

As for more american music... I could call out for a ton but I think I will hold to simply the Blue Album and Pinkerton. You guys can just play those two albums and it would be a great show!

Until next time!

(Same awkward channel? Same awkward time?)

Brutus said...

No offense taken Tyler.


Brutus said...

Chellie and I rode the emotional roller coaster of episode 29. Love to hear Alissa's giggling and chuckling throughout the show!

As much as we enjoyed the collection of songs, we really appreciated your insights into the world events of the past week. It really makes you think. Thank you.

Cellistina and Brutus

Brutus said...

We feel sorry for all those who were in their impressionable years in the nineties. What a wasteland for memorable tunes...

But we know two:

Chellie requests "Kiss from a Rose", by Seal. And Brutie counters with "You Only Get What You Give" by the New Radicals.

Brutus said...

An upbeat song from Toronto group Len in 1999 "Steal my sunshine".