Wednesday, October 3, 2012

S04 E16: Wa$te

Is it possible that the episodes in which our form is finest happen to be when we're the angriest? Because we don't do much other than gripe this week, but never has negativity borne such sweet fruit. Enjoy!

It's comforting to realize that while corruption and waste exist in spades in Canada, all the stock images you can find on the subject still involve the American greenback. Sometimes it's nice not to be #1.


DJ Shadow - You Can't Go Home Again
Jason Lytle - Rollin' Home Alone
Arcade Fire - Rococo
Fleet Foxes - Montezuma
The Walkman - The Rat
TV on the Radio - Wolf Like Me
Alkaline Trio - San Francisco


William Robert said...

Hilarious. You were both in especially fine form! What a hoot!!

I thought that 1855 was a U.S. beer, but it is actually made by Kichesippi Brewing Company in Ottawa. 1855 is the year in which Ottawa was incorporated as a city.

That DJ Shadow instrumental was most enjoyable.

Note to Alissa: Please continue with the covert blogcasting from remote locations like libraries, brew pubs, churches and washrooms. It provides plenty of atmosphere! lol

Speaking on behalf of all over-taxed Quebec residents, I hope that everyone who was involved with the construction industry kickbacks receives their just due.


Michael said...

Ummm... no comment?

Kitchessippi is indeed the company you're looking for.

Thanks for the recap of Harvest Noire. This is it's second year in operation and though it is already quite popular (given the numbers quoted) they are still new to the game so maybe they still have much to work out. I agree about the vagueness and odd use of the 'charity' funds.