Sunday, October 14, 2012

S04 E17: Rise and Shine

 It's early, so I'll be brief: hope you enjoy this new episode. (Warning: may contain pretzels.)

...and, presumably, kick some ass.

Feist - When I Was a Young Girl
Incubus - 11am
Babyshambles - Carry Up on the Morning
Arctic Monkeys - Scummy

Red Hot Chilli Pepers - My Friends
Weezer - Velouria
Nouvelle Vague - Friday Night, Saturday Morning
DJ's Choice - Chicken Dance



Scott C said...

Here's the KW Oktoberfest - Prost Me Maybe. I don't think it's Walter Ostanek accordion.

Angela Buonamici said...

Whats an earworm?

Scott C said...

Oh come on Ange. Here's a link that explains what an earworm is.

Alice said...

Solid links from Scotty this week. New number one listener?

William Robert said...

As a freshman at U of W I attended my first Octoberfest in 1979. Sadly, listening to ASR this evening, I have learned that the Chicken Dance has survived the past three decades. When will it end?
Would enjoy another ear-worm episode (as long as the chicken dance is not featured).

ziggy zaggy ziggy zaggy hoy hoy hoy

Michael said...

little behind on listening to this but Hok Lin mentioned that pictures have perspective people have points of view. That's how I remember it...