Saturday, January 15, 2011

S03 E01: Get on Board (The Train)

No need for an intro when we're so awesome:

Pictured: Our awesomeness, Lego-fied


Quad City Djs - C'mon N' Ride It (The Train)
French Kicks - Said So What
Jenny and Johnny - Animal
Arcade Fire - Keep the Car Running
Jack Johnson - Good People
Peter, Bjorn and John - Amsterdam
Nat King Cole - Almost Like Being In Love


Hamilton's vision for LRT revealed
Montreal's exhibit on the heritage of rue Ste-Catherine
Toronto police officer killed in snowplow jacking
'Money for Nothing' in dire straits
Comedian Louis C.K. devotes a scene of his show to the word "faggot"; real etymology here
The Daily Show's Jon Stewart and Larry Wilmore talk about Huckleberry Finn and the n-word
Is the role of public engagement in the planning process a hinderance?
Demolition threatens culturally significant reliefs in Downtown Hamilton

(Conceptual drawing of light rail transit in Downtown Hamilton)


Michael said...

Seems like you guys were having tons o' fun on that show.

I just wanted to clarify something. Not sure if you guys are already aware or not but "brutalist" architecture is often misconstrued as being any of those big ugly and often times just brutal looking buildings. The architectural term, however, actually comes from the french words "b├ęton brut" which means raw concrete common in the modernist era.

Anyway, I had made that mistake for a long time so thought it wouldn't hurt to clarify here too.

As for the theme song, I got nothing except to say that I think you guys should make your own... I believe you guys can come up with something great!

William Robert said...

Congratulations hosts of ASR! Being on the air for more than two years is an incredible achievement, particularly given the fact that for much of it you two have been recording from different cities. And you both have day jobs.

What makes the show stand out is the chemistry that you have with each other on the radio. The dialogue seems effortless; you are enjoying the experience. This comes across in spades to the listeners. A discussion of beef stroganoff is suddenly interesting.
It is rare that you encounter this with other commercial broadcasts.

As for the theme song, since "Danny's Chant" from FWMac is not readily available, may I recommend "What's Goin'On" by Marvin Gaye. Yes, it's an oldie, but it fits with the original theme song that was used from the French Kicks with "Said so What".

A deadline is looming for the Hamilton stadium project, and I am so frustrated with the antics that have gone on so far, I choose not to comment. They will likely get what they deserve... absolutely nothing. What a debacle.

Looking forward to season III.

With thanks,

mortonofski said...

Not gonna lie, when I heard Amsterdam come on at the end of the show I half-expected Tyler to come on and say, "It's [insert date here], and this is episode [number] of Awkward Silences, your fortnightly audio podcast..."

By the by: "fortnightly audio podcast" = awesome way to put it.