Sunday, July 26, 2009


Entertainment Weekly has called Episode 27, "a stunning return to form for our favourite Podcasting duo". Not our Episode 27, mind you, but still...

The Bravery - Swollen Summer
Modest Mouse - The Good Times Are Killing Me

Metric - Satalite Mind
Detroit Cobras - Putty

MGMT - Indie Rockers
Animal Collective - Guys Eyes

Coldplay - Help Is Round The Corner


LEED-ND Up to vote
Lottery Winner Arrested
When Kelly Hildebrandt met Kelly Hildebrandt
Right-wing "comedian" Steven Crowder
Obama's inauguration captured by cell phones
Bixi success


Michael said...

All I want/Need to say is GO BIXI!

AND more importantly...Cheers to the return of Tyler's Voices!!!

It was a good day!

Tyler said...

Thank you Mike. I was worried that little old Episode 27 would get no reaction. Now, assuming you represent the whole A. S. audience, I can safely conclude that we need to inject more funny voices and bicycle talk into each episode. Danke.

Andrew said...

the name Sherlock will likely gain popularity with the movie release too!

Brutus said...

Way behind on my easy listening.

Alissa's cue of the first song was brilliant - jumped right out of my seat on the first note!!

Great ranting and impersonations, and really enjoyed the Metric piece.

Absolutely appalling (but in a good way)!

p.s. But Tyler, what do you really think?