Wednesday, June 16, 2010

S02 E22: Sharing the Road

We hope you enjoy the shorter episode this week. Don't think of it as less show; but rather, the same show with twenty minutes of extra time afterwards you can devote to whatever you like! Enjoy!


The Cars - Just What I Needed
David Bowie - Life On Mars
Tegan & Sara - Red Belt
Neil Young - Cinnamon Girl


Andrew Clark of the Globe & Mail comes across as a jerk (aka the Great Canadian Cyclist Exam)
Skeleton Park Music Festival


Brutus said...

Happy summer, hosts of ASR! The new format worked well; a good blend of music, yet still enough time to discuss issues in depth. It may allow more listeners who are time-challenged partake in the show.

Thanks for playing one of my requests; Red Belt. The new format allowed for you to easily reach the quota of Canadian content with songs by Neil Young and Tegan and Sara!

I looked over that Globe & Mail article on cyclists, and it was pretty harsh. It may take years for some car drivers to get used to sharing the road with cyclists. It's tough for them to relinquish their longstanding monopoly ever since the last horse and buggy cart disappeared from the roads (excluding the Elmira area where you still have to be on your toes, and also the caleches of Montreal and Quebec City). For some reason, they seem to get more respect - perhaps because they have history on their side.

Looking forward to your thoughts on the G20 meetings (and other activities) planned for Toronto. Hopefully it's not going to be a three ring circus!

Have a great summer!


Otherwise Known as "Miss" said...

Hey PJs.

I agree with Brutus-- the new format is quite pleasant. It really didn't lose anything in terms of quality at all.

Speaking of Pride,... as I was marking my students' final papers a few weeks ago, I had the privilege of reading a personal essay by one of my 15 year-old girls talking about how traveling to India gave her the courage to come out as a Lesbian. Bless her. What a strong girl.

Bowie. Wonderful. Thank you.

I think the new format lets you really cover issues in depth, without maybe feeling the need to put in as much other stuff. I really enjoyed going back to the same subject after the music. It allows you to talk longer about a topic without losing steam, or my interest.

Nothing good comes out of Humber, really.

I enjoyed! :)