Wednesday, September 29, 2010

S02 E31: Together Again

What's that? There's a September? Where? Here, right now? Ending really soon? Oops...

Howdy folks. We've been asked if ASR is on hiatus. The answer is no and/or not anymore!

Turns out radical live changes can lead to different schedules. Go figure. But fear not, we're back (and not because of any contract requirements, we assure you). This week's (month's?) episode is a doozy and will comfortably feed 4-6 average-sized listeners. Probably enough talk here to last you for weeks. Are you glad you waited, folks?

Being back = Aerial fives aplenty

We hope you enjoy the episode, and as always, we love getting feedback. We promise to do a better job actually responding to your comments in the future. You know, by, say, responding to them. Cheers!


The Clash - Train in Vain
Cold War Kids - Mexican Dogs
Dave Rawlings Machine - Ruby
Intensive Care - Treasure Hunt
St. Vincent - Actor Out of Work
TV on the Radio - Halfway Home


Open Data Ottawa


Otherwise Known as "Miss" said...

Welcome Back, PJs.

I've missed you. Really. I kept checking in and saw nothing and was sad.

Ah, TW, I'm really glad that you ended up going to the reunion at SURP. Last time we talked, it didn't seem like you'd make it. Yay!

Hahahaha, I was expecting you to say "There's stuff to do, there's plenty of stuff to do in Kingston, but a big part of it, I guess, if you're an undergrad is *awkward silence*, well, being WHITE." Which would have been hysterical!

Always awesome to have a dash of the Clash on a Sunday night. :)

I heart Dave Rawlings, by the way. Thanks for the play.

RE: Indie Rock Shows. I recently saw The Dirty Projectors here in Montreal and it was a highly interesting concert. Very cool, dense, multi-instrumental stuff, with this awesome trio of girls singing backup and hocketing (no, I didn't know what that was prior to the concert). Listen to this:

(fast forward to 7:20 if you want to skip the blabla)

That being said, the band which opened for them, "The Birthday Party" or "Happy Birthday" or something, was the WORST band I have ever heard.

And I work in a high school. And, as you might be aware, a lot of teenagers have "bands". So that's saying something.

(Check these adorable little buggers out. They are my kids.!/pages/Milky-and-the-Rockets/176245567653?ref=ts )

Ooh, Alyssa, please come visit us! I'd love love love to meet you in person!

AHA! I bet you thought the only person to comment would be Rob. But it was me. The OTHER listener.

(I am sure other people listen, guys. I tell other people about it. I even told my students about it.)

Hey, I just saw on FB that you put a new episode up. I will listen to it presently.
I haven't listened yet, but thank you for making it a point to talk about the horrible, horrible, horrible series of gay teenage suicides recently. It can be a nightmare for the kids out there. It breaks my heart.

...I'll save that comment for the next episode.

Cheers, darlins. And hi, Rob, if you're out there in cyberspace. :)


Brutus said...

Yes, I'm way out here, K!

Thanks for introducing me to hocketing. I watched the video and was really impressed with the way the girls could sing like that. It would be very easy for the syncopation to throw the other person off.

As for ASR, it was worth the wait. You were both in fine form - nothing like doing the show in person!

Big Brother is Watching - and these days it may be a good thing. No one should be doing anything out in public that they should be ashamed of, so if a few security cameras can deter rapists, thieves and vandals, all the better. (However, when it comes to protecting personal privacy on one's own property I have to agree with former prime minister Pierre Trudeau who stated that "there is no place for the state in the bedrooms of the nation").

I was so impressed with Intensive Care - what amazing vocals. They sound very similar to King Crimson. I listened to the song three times. Wow!

Glad you're back, and looking forward to the next one,


p.s. Laughed aloud when reference was made to "the source of 20% of mental breakdowns and bankruptcies"!