Sunday, December 19, 2010

S02 E38: DO they know it's Christmas?

It's hard to say...

Greetings, all! We've crammed more yuletide tidings into one hour and five minutes than legally allowed. Enjoy, and Merry Christmas, everyone!


Darlene Love - Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)

The Nightmare Before Christmas - What's This?

Fucked Up - Do They Know It's Christmas?

Bob Rivers - Walking Round in Women's Underwear
The Ramones - Merry Christmas
Sufjan Stevens - It's Christmas! Let's Be Glad

Hanson - Merry Christmas Baby
John Denver and the Mupppets - Christmas Wish

Pink Martini - We Three Kings
Frank Sinatra - The Christmas Waltz

Christmas Time is Here - Colin Bailey, Monty Budwig and Vince Guaraldi


No links this episode, so instead, please enjoy this list of ridiculous Christmas song titles dreamt up by Tyler and his friends for the fictional holiday album, "It's Christmas":

1. Oopsy Doodle (It's Christmas)

2. Merry Christmas (It's Christmas)

3. Hey Santa! (It's Christmas)

4. What is that? (It's Christmas)

5. Cut me some slack (It's Christmas)

6. What’s that smell? (It's Christmas

7. Check the calendar (It's Christmas)

8. There’s no denying (It's Christmas)

9. I’m dying (It's Christmas)

10. If you insist (It’s Christmas)

11. Happy Birthday (It’s Christmas)

12. Ballad of the Turkish Midwife (It’s Christmas)

13. Wanna bet? (It’s Christmas)

14. Is it Christmas? (It’s Christmas)

15. This Year (It’s Christmas)

16. Only You & I Know (It’s Christmas)

17. Teach me how to love like you, baby (It’s Christmas)

18. Throttle That Wee Child (It’s Christmas)

19. Against My Better Judgment (It’s Christmas)

20. Snow what? (It’s Christmas)

21. This Christmas… (It’s Christmas)


Otherwise Known as "Miss" said...

Hey PJs! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! (It's Christmas.)

Fantastic Holiday podcast, chaps. Yeah, Christmas isn't always sunshine and lollipops. The older I get the more I feel anxiety about the impending holidays. It feels like a mad rush to the finish line which is Christmas Eve. My Dad, as some of you (ie: Tyler) may be aware, is notoriously difficult about gift-giving occasions. Stress for that (in avoidance of a Christmas morning "What made you think I'd want this, Kristen? At least you could have bought the higher-end model...") begins mid-October.

...aren't reindeer an actual species? Oh wait. They're caribou.

You played so many good songs! "Christmas (Baby, Please Come Home)" is one of my favourite contemporary holiday songs. (Is it still considered contemporary if it's 45 years old?) And thanks for playing my suggestions. (Notably, also, for not playing The Carpenters.)


And you thought I'd forget!(It's Christmas.)



Otherwise Known as "Miss" said...

Have been thinking about the new theme song... I think it's going to be hard for your listeners to choose because it really is something that sets the tone for the beginning of the show-- and you will know what you want much better than I would.

Still, so I feel like I contributed...

JOY by Apollo 100
YOUR HEAD IS ON FIRE by Broken Bells
COME TO ME by Koop
DAYLIGHT by Matt and Kim
KEEP MARCHIN' by Raphael Saadiq

Melyssa said...

Some Thoughts:
-Tyler is being dishonest. He actually became interested in pottery after watching ghost.
-I agree. Jewelry is rarely appropriate. It is an exceptionally awkward gift.
-I missed your voice Alissa. I'm going to try and lower my voice 8000 octives so that I can sound more like you and not like a 13 year old girl.
-On the topic of 13 year old girls...Thanks for playing Hanson! "Snowed In" is really a classic.
-Glen appreciated the John Denver. We have been kicking it in Lindsay listening to that CD.
-lol @ Tyler's "accent" that gave away his position as an academic.

Great Job! Merry Christmas!


William Robert said...

Is the answer "Angora Socks"?

Another bizarrely diverse Christmas collection of tunes - liked it. Especially the Pink Martini version of "We Three Kings".

Tyler's list of select Christmas titles should prompt some listeners to come up with a musical score and lyrics for each piece. Now there's a contest!

Happy Birthday Alyssa!

Season's Greetings all,