Sunday, June 12, 2011

S03 E11: Lavigne and Poutine

So apparently the picture of Alissa dressed-up as Avril Lavigne is so old
that it pre-dates the ubiquity of digital cameras. Until we can locate
the original print, this will have to do.

If Tyler sounds less erudite or eloquent this week, this is why.
(In Quebec, poutine is the word for, "I love you".)

Umm... did you see the two photos above? What's the point of writing the usual intro paragraph here? If those two pictures don't get you clicking to hear this week's episode, what will? It's that great, folks! Enjoy!


Jackie Wilson - Your Love is Lifting Me Higher
Robyn - Call Your Girlfriend
Rihanna - Man Down
Fleet Foxes - Helplessness Blues


Here's a few we were able to track down:

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William Robert said...

Good evening Lavigne and Poutine:

The best part of the L&P episode is that you chose not to play any Avril Lavigne song!

The industry that I work for could use the marketing advice of a Terry O'Reilly. In terms of branding, no industry (or NGO) wants to be always associated with depressing news (unless perhaps its a company that manufacturers facial tissues).

On the subject of urban planning, I am hoping that you two will tackle how a city 'plans' for the type of mob activity that overtook Vancouver following the Stanley Cup final. Most people are absolutely appalled that such a thing could happen, including some who actually took part in it.

Until the next time,