Wednesday, April 8, 2009


There is something comforting about reaching the number twelve. So easily factored...


The Black Lips - It Feels Alright
The Animals - Little Red Riding Hood
Stevie Nicks - Edge of Seventeen
Sleater Kinney - Jumpers
Alkaline Trio - Blue in the Face
Micheal Jackson - Ain't No Sunshine

Calgary Park&Ride Fees
LEED & Location
$3.5B Gambler Lawsuit against OLG
MTA Rape Case
Intellectual Property Interview with James Boyle - Spark (CBC)
Jon Stewart on CNN/Obama
Billy Bob Thornton on Q


Michael said...

Nice one guys! I liked the discussion about the LEED stuff, reminded me of a masters presentation i heard during my undergrad. The guy was checking out whether Montreal's MEC, which has one of those certifications, would have been better off downtown as an infill. The MEC building, though very 'green', was inaccessible by transit and nearly impossible to walk or bike to. Anyway, he concluded that they would've done more for the environment had htey chosen a more central location.

Also liked the Billy Bob stuff. It was a funny interview to watch and he has subsequently pulled out of his Canadian Tour with Willie, apparently one of the band members got sick (not billy of course..)

Looking forward to the Baker's Dozen!

Brutus said...

Thanks for another extremely informative episode. I really learn a lot from your discussions of urban planning issues. They are so relevant to the challenges our cities are presently facing.

I would like to have a song dedicated to Tyler's mother who is celebrating a birthday later this month. She likes the instrumental version of Sunny Side of Heaven, originally played by Danny Kirwan of Fleetwood Mac. It is devilishly difficult to find, so the Byron Thompson version would suffice.

Keep up the great work.

p.s. Awaiting the return of Mr. Eko on Lost.

Alice said...

Can do Brutus! Thanks for the continued feedback and support!

And Mike - Baker's Dozen? I love it! Totally stealing that one.