Sunday, June 28, 2009


Episode 23 (yes, it's getting too long to spell out the number, so we'll be lazy, thank you) is so packed with Montreal musical goodness that we surpassed the one-hour mark. That's right; take a hike, time management skills!

The Jackson 5 -I Want You Back

Arcade Fire - Wake Up
The Stars - Bitches in Tokyo

The Dears - The Second Part
The Stills - Lola Stars and Stripes

Malajube - Porté Disparu
Land of Talk - Sea Foam

Wolf Parade - An Animal in Your Care

Jon Lajoie's take on the media's handling of MJ's death (Strong Language, mind you)
Oh, yeah... Iran


Alice said...

Pat Benatar = American.

Andrew said...

David Foster

Michael said...

I know you asked for people other than brutus and I but I figured that didn't mean I couldn't put in my two cents as well...

Anyway, I think I would put down:
Neil Young, Leonard Cohen, Rush, The Band and for my last I would just put some honourable mentions...Joni Mitchell, K.D. Lang and I think we kinda have to throw in Celine just on the basis of her global reach and success not often received by Canadian artists.

Brutus said...

Chellie (a.k.a. Mary) and I appreciated your dedication to Michael Jackson, who we saw live with his brothers at the Big "O" early in the eighties. He seemed miles away from where we were seated.

Chellie says keep up the good work!