Sunday, September 27, 2009


The Awkward Silences production team has hidden a bonus song somewhere in this week's episode - the first listener to identify said song will WIN...............our love and admiration. Also, listen close for one of our most AWKWARD outros ever. ENJOY!

(Queen's Faux-Coming, 2009)


Babyshambles - Baddie's Boogie
Kings of Leon - Fans

Radiohead - Reckoner
Peter, Bjorn & John - The Chills

The Doves - Sea Song

Camera Obscura - If Looks Could Kill

(Photo Credit - Adrian Brett)


Brutus said...

You were both in fine form; at your wryest and most cynical best! Keep it comin'! Loved the comment about the Libyan flag! It had listeners heading straight for Wikipedia. Clue: What is Tyler's favourite colour?

Just for the record, I do not consider all those who show up for rowdy homecoming celebrations as shit disturbers, only the ones who go from one demonstration to another, just looking for a brawl. Personally, I am generally pleased with police efforts (with a few notable exceptions, e.g. a pepper spray incident years ago) in this country to control the mob mentality. We do not want to be the least bit tolerant of situations like in Germany where law enforcers must too frequently deal with skinhead gangs that brazenly instigate riots and openly thrash minorities. Glad I got that off my chest!
On a lighter note:
I'm really looking forward to the Cover songs next week!!!

First time I had ever heard the tune, "Sea Song", and really enjoyed it. Just goes to prove once again that the harmonica is the most misunderstood and underrated instrument! Great song. Also liked the "If Looks Could Kill" number.

Unfortunately I am unable to identify the artist singing "I Feel Lost" at the end...

I feel lost.


Brutus said...


In the time in took to write my previous comments, the Awkward Silences home page has been transformed. Looks amazing! Bravo!


D. Shaw said...

While i didn't make any suggestions on the website, I believe that IN PERSON i did make a suggestion for a cover song... mildly insulted that i am so forgettable...

(If there is an issue with finding the song that i suggested (which you have probably forgotten, also, yeah I'm using brackets within brackets... wanna fight about it?) i can send you a link.)

Brutus said...

As you both love current events and music, I would like your thoughts on the recent video that was aired on both CBC and CNN - It is a lip-synched version of the Black Eyed Peas song, "I gotta feeling". It is cleverly done in one take by UQAM communication students.

Now that's a way to celebrate homecoming without trashing the city!